About NetSavvy

Our Company

NetSavvy was founded in 2015 by Robb Myers with the mission of providing I.T. and Telecommunications Consulting Services to businesses throughout the country. Businesses of every size are provided services for I.T., Telecommunications and Marketing needs. The client base continues to grow thanks to a diverse portfolio of provider options combined with trusted consulting and customer support.

Your business success is the number one priority! Technology changes quickly and understanding the options for products, services and providers is made easier by partnering with a trusted resource. Our focus is assure your business has the highest level of technology at the best price. NetSavvy helps streamline the process for choosing the right providers to drive productivity and a strong bottom line for your business.

Robb Myers

Providing customer focused consulting services for technology and telecommunications.

Robb Myers moved to Southern Indiana in 2010 from Green Bay, WI. His education at St. Norbert College was focused on Computer Science / Mathematics which led to a career focused on I.T. and Telecommunications.

Since 2006, Robb worked for a handful of companies including large corporate entities such as Spectrum Enterprise. Encouraged by friends and clients, he started his own independent consulting business in 2015 and began growing a client base of regional and national customers.

With over 20 years of sales and consulting experience, Robb has built a reputation based on trust, high-level customer service and a focus on strengthening your business’s bottom line.